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Information on wine and brandy production in Armenia

In a joint National Pavilion 13 Armenian wine and brandy companies will make their debut at the annual International Exhibition of Wines andSpirits - ProWine China 2017.

The birthplace of wine, Armenia currently experiences the renaissance of winemaking. The country that introduced the royal drink to humanity, today is again applying for the international wine market.

We faithfully preserve the millennial traditions combining them with modern technology and scientific potential. Today, wine and brandy production is on the rise as Armenian government recognized it as aprioritysectorof economy with high international interest and investment flows. The surface of vineyards and the number of wineries is increasing annually across the country and these all is proved by growing number of tourists attracted by wine tourism of Armenia. Armenian wine and brandyare exported to around 25 countries worldwide.

Thanks to unique features of ancient indigenous varieties, mountainous and rocky terroir, warming Sun, Armenian wine and brandy are enriched with exclusive taste and bouquet of aromas granted with all prerequisites of being highly competitive in international market.

“The cave where it all began.” Paul Hobbs
Millennium testimonies of Armenian wine-centered culture are everywhere. The oldest-known cellar in the world was unearthed right in Armenia's Areni-1 cave complex. Old press of wine, fermentation vats, jars and cups of 6100 years were uncovered. 

Far in the 9th century BC, the Kings of Armenia had a mission to build palaces and establish vineyards as a sign of kingdom supremacy and guarantee of eternal life. Unlike many conquerors that destroyed everything along their way, Armenian Kings forced their power over conquered areas by building and establishing vineyards. During royal ceremonies and immolation rituals, luxurious bronze jars full of wine were used in the Kingdom of Armens. 

By the end of the 19th century, winemaking in Eastern Armenia gradually gained industrial significance, and simultaneously brandy production was developed by becoming the leading branch of alcoholic beverages. Brandy traditions began in 1887 when merchant Nerses Tairian built the first wine and vodka plant on the site of the Old Erivan fortress. Already in 1894, the Armenian brandy appeared on the factory for the first time having gained international recognition in the near future with great success. Only a quarter century later, the production of Armenian brandy gained impressive impulse. The first Armenian brandywas discovered in 1902. He won the Grand Prix at the exhibition held in France and was the first and only one in the entire history of brandy to begranted withexceptional privilege ofputtingthe title "Cognac"on the bottle instead of Brandy 

Areni Noir and Voskehat are famous along the range of Armenian indigenous grape varieties. By having 6000-year-old origin Areni Noir is indeed the King of Armenian grape varieties. Wines made from Areni Noir whilst young are notable for their intense color, expressed acidity and freshness, delicate flavors of cherry, blackcurrant and black pepper in the bouquet. Having the privilege of Armenian oak reserve Areni Noir grows noble and velvety enriched with blackberry, plum, black olive and pomegranate aromas. 

The queen of Armenian grape varieties, Voskehat vines endured over 150 years and are still growing and producing. It started to be cultivated about 3.5 thousand years ago that is proved by numerous sound archeological excavations. Being unique and resourceful, viticulturists and winemakers craft work of art from Voskehat. The resulting Voskehat wines remarkably amaze with straw color and golden shadings, sometimes with pale golden and green reflection. Prevailing aromas of fresh white fruits, hints of citruses, lime peel, freshly cut grass, as well as gentle aroma of alpine valley flowers excite endlessly. 

The high quality of our wines, brandiesand other alcoholic beverages testifies to the excellent results registered in various international competitions.

ProWine China 2017 Wines and Spirits International Exhibition: Hall 4 Stand N 4 AF06 - Armenian National Pavilion

Armenia Wine Factory LLC, Gevorgyan Wine Factory LLC, Golden Grape ArmAs LLC, Ijevan Wine and Brandy Factory CJSC, Proshyan Brandy Factory LLC, "Rukar-Group" LLC, Madatoff Brandy House, "Tierras de Armenia" CJSC, "Van Ardi" LLC, "VanSevan" LLC, "Vedi-Alco" CJSC, "Voskevaz Wine Factory" LLC, Yerevan "Champagne Wine Factory "OJSC.

The participation of Armenian companies is co-funded by Development Foundation of Armenia and Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia.

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